Featuring: Host Matt Carano, Mike Vine, Rodger Paxton and Nick Boyle

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Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matt Carano



News (10 min)

Sponsor (5 mins)

Local happenings (5 mins)

Philosophy of Liberty (10 mins)

Seacoast History (10 mins)

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  • Boyle’s Beer Company
    • Start-up microbrewery specializing in Wheat Beers. Such as Hefeweizen, American wheat and Weizenbocks. If you’re tired of hoppy beers, but still want craft beer, this will be the place for you. Looking to get investors at the Entrepreneur day of the Freecoast Festival. Looking to locate to the Rochester NH area.


Local happenings

  • Freecoast Festival is a week away! Tickets are still available! Get ‘em quick before we run out!
  • Deerfield fair


Philosophy of Liberty

  • The Gun In The Room: Seeing The State For What It Is


Seacoast History

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