Featuring: Host Matt Carano, Rodger Paxton, Mike Vine and Nick Boyle

Special Guests: The Stone Church audience

Producer: Rodger Paxton

Editor: Matt Carano


News (10 min)

Sponsor (5 mins) (Matt)

Local happenings (5 mins)

Meet the Goers of Freecoast Fest ’16 (10 mins)

Philosophy of Liberty (10 mins)

Seacoast History (10 mins)

Social media?


  • Primary Results
    • GOP Gubernatorial results
Governor – GOP Primary
September 14, 2016 – 04:52PM ET
New Hampshire – 300 of 300 Precincts Reporting – 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Sununu, Chris GOP 34,137 31%
Edelblut, Frank GOP 33,149 30%
Gatsas, Ted GOP 22,840 21%
Forrester, Jeanie GOP 19,716 18%
Lavoie, Jonathan GOP 1,429 1%
Governor – Dem Primary
September 14, 2016 – 04:52PM ET
New Hampshire – 300 of 300 Precincts Reporting – 100%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Van Ostern, Colin Dem 37,696 52%
Marchand, Steve Dem 18,338 25%
Connolly, Mark Dem 14,840 20%
Freeman, Ian Dem 1,069 1%
Dextraze, Derek Dem 557 1%


  • Let’s list off all FF16 Sponsors. Gold sponsor: Boyle’s Beer, LAVA Flow podcast, Seacoast Libertarian Party. Black sponsor: Porcupine Realty, 420-Insure.com, Liberty Lobby, Grieving Green, Harvest In The City, and The Music Class.

Local happenings

  • FF16 obviously. What else?
  • On Tuesday September 20th at Seacoast Repertory Theater local improv group Stranger than fiction will be performing “Not At First Site” An improvised screwball romantic comedy. Beloved Freecoaster Jason Robertson is a member of STF and will be performing that evening. Is working on accepting BTC.
  • Sunday, Oct 2nd – Praxeum Free Market

Philosophy of Liberty

  • The Virtue of Togetherness: Why Individualism Depends on Community

Seacoast History

Social media

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