About Us

Pax Libertas Productions had humble beginnings. At a simple desk in Rodger Paxton’s Marion, AR bedroom, the first Pax Libertas show was produced in January of 2015. But the desire to start a liberty podcast network started many years before the first show was ever recorded.

An avid listener of podcasts and a self-described libertarian political junkie, Rodger found himself frustrated with the lack of quality libertarian content in his never-ending podcast queue. For years, the thought of starting his own show was always in the back of his mind. With a taxing job and a young family, that left little time to pursue a time-consuming hobby. But after one-too-many attempts to seek liberty through electoral politics, Rodger decided to pursue a new avenue for spreading the message of voluntaryism. With years of ideas and plans in his mind, The LAVA Flow Podcast was born.

Planning and research for Pax Libertas’ first show began in the fall of 2014. What type of equipment, which hosts, content focus, websites, marketing plans… all of the preparations were being made to launch Pax Libertas’ first show in January 2015. With his first two episodes earning more than 250 downloads in his inaugural month, Rodger quickly saw exponential growth month-by-month and found that he was soon earning thousands of downloads a month. Maybe he was on to something?

After his family moved to New Hampshire to join the Free State Project in the fall of 2015, Rodger found the Live Free or Die State to be chock full of liberty media opportunities. He also found himself with the space to have a dedicated in-home studio. Now with tightly-honed skills as a producer and marketer, Rodger expanded Pax Libertas Productions. 

In early 2016, the Freecoast Freecast was born from the desire to inform and entertain the Free State Project’s members seacoast area of New Hampshire. This bi-weekly show began, with many thanks to hosts Matt Carano, Mike Vine, and Nicholas Boyle. The Freecast was the first of Pax Libertas’ podcasts to be live streamed on Facebook during the recording session.

Shortly thereafter, The Ancap Barber Shop joined the Pax Libertas lineup. Scott McDonald and Adam Brown brought their talents to the liberty media circuit under Pax Libertas’ guidance. Their bi-weekly show is all about bringing down the state and making fun of politics in general. Scott really is an ancap barber in his spare time and brings, along with his friend Adam, his irreverence for politics to the show.

In 2016, Rodger soon found himself back in the political circus, having taken on the role of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s Vice Chairman. During this time, he met Brian McQuade, a man whose love of liberty was rivaled only by his love of Star Wars. The two became fast friends, and Rodger’s family ended up buying a home only a few miles away from Brian. (Now with an improved, dedicated five-mic, three camera studio!) During nights filled with card games and delicious food, the idea for Pax Libertas’ next podcast was born. Resist the Empire: A Libertarian View of the Star Wars Universe will surely be the next liberty podcast blockbuster.

Stay tuned, as Pax Libertas continues to add quality shows and remains your premier source for quality liberty podcasts.