In this sixtieth episode, we’re talking abortion, chiropractors and we play a game where we guess whether a headline from a news article is sincere or satire. Strap in and get ready, cause this podcast has two people talking into microphones.

Yeah Boi. What’s up with the Walmart making my swimming trunks short and making me feel gay? Adam says the most attractive part of a man’s body is his thighs. Not sure how comfortable I am with that.

FYI, me and Erika recorded a Patreon episode that was all about anime so it’s probably pretty good that it came out sounding like shit cause we scrapped it.

Abortion is in the news with Alabama, among other states, making it illegal to provide one. I’m sure everyone has been waiting to hear our takes so here we go. Abortion is sick and making abortion illegal is pretty gay.

I was a good boy feminist and went to the local pro-choice rally. It was pretty cool and what not. There was a lot of people there yada yada.

I had an article pulled up about something but my daughter was watching paw patrol on it so we didn’t read it.

Damn I’m listening to the episode while I write the show notes and I gotta say, this was a pretty hawt cast. Only the hawtest of casts for the biggest of dawgs. You guys are awesome for listening.

I started going to the chiropractor despite my libertarian training (Penn and Teller’s BULLSHIT!) and it worked pretty well. It’s been about a month now and my back hurts pretty bad but I probably just need to go back again. So if your back hurts I’d try a chiropractor.

We finish up by playing a game where Adam reads me the headline from a news article and I guess whether or not it was an onion article. I think he got a point when I was wrong and I got a point when I guessed correctly. I think I remember winning, I can’t keep listening to find out right now because my wife just got back from the store and I have to carry groceries in…

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