Hey Friends! In this one, we’re talking Super Mario Bros, Paul Reiser, Kirk Douglas, Smashmouth, and how not to give money to homeless people. Strap in and get ready because this episode begins now!

All right so I start off making the claim that Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System should have had unlimited lives. I think the platforming should be the main challenge and that having the added difficulty of limited lives is unnecessarily aggravating for new players. Once you’re really good at the game extra lives aren’t much of a factor anyway. Maybe it would have made the game too easy IDK. I mean it’s still really hard after the first few worlds.

To be clear I’m not a bitch I play a lot of Mario Bros and I’m not terrible, it’s just an observation.

I guess Adam doesn’t like Crush40 now? I think calling them “Buttrock” is a bit harsh. It’s good shit so fuck Adam.

We were saying Regis Fillmore but I feel like that’s not right. Regis Fillman or something like that maybe?

Adderall Annie actress shows bush, butt, and boobs on a new show “Horse Girl”. It’s not a bad show either.

Six minutes and twenty-eight seconds or so into the show I pack a dip and say a homophobic slur. In case I don’t make it clear I’m not actually bigoted very much. I’m not very funny so I lean on outrageous rhetoric as a crutch.

And just to be double clear I’m not being apologetic. I merely want something redeeming in the record to point at in case the bastards close in and my back’s against the wall.

Paul Reiser from the 90’s sitcom “Mad About You” has a part in that horse girl show which I’m excited about.

Shouts out to Sonic Adventure two.

Adam enjoyed “The Big Bang Theory” while under the influence of a fever but disliked the show after watching it under healthy circumstances.

Jar Jar Binks as well as the majority of the robots from “Futurama” are black.

Kirk Douglas told fellow actor and son Michael Douglas on his deathbed that he endorsed Michael Bloomberg. The more I think about it I’m convinced that Kirk was using his death to fuck with his kid which is a mood and has big dick energy. Rip to a real one unless he was actually just being a beta cuck which is likely enough because he was an actor. People that are in plays are often not that masculine. Robert Deniro was in plays but he leaned real hard into his mobster character so people don’t really give him shit. Anyways Adam speculates that Senior Douglas sold his last words like a fucking highway billboard to big Mike.

More voices…

There’s a ton of good Smashmouth mashups on YouTube and we play a few.

Oh yeah we’re joined by Erika on this one.

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