Hey folks! In this episode of the Ancap Barber Shop, we are joined by the yak farming, pig chasing, well digging wonder himself… Nick Hazelton! Nick is back to join us for the first time in years and we couldn’t be more excited to let you tune in to our conversation!

Yak attack! I really wanted to put that in the introduction but I feel like it’s not professional enough. Like it might degrade our podcasting integrity in some way. So I’ll be saying it intermittently throughout the show notes that nobody reads. Google reads them, that’s why we right them. Yak attack!

Anyways, we start by discussing a scene from the movie “the Phantom” or “Phantom” I can’t remember but the bad guy played by Treet Williams I think, has a microscope contraption that’s really an eye-piercing booby trap. He tells the other dude to look at a slide he’s been inspecting. The guy says he can’t see anything so the villain instructs him to adjust the focus… BLAMO! Razor blades to the eyeballs! Pretty sick stuff. It was probably a bit much for a movie that kids would see and it’s certainly burned into my memory.

Yak attack!

Adam refers to Shure sm57s at “6-year-old technology”. what a disappointing cohost.

Nick praises the Ancap Barber Shop as his favorite libertarian podcast. I’m sure he says that to everyone, but it made us feel good.

We talk about gardening. I’m bad at it, Adam’s better. I’m pretty sure Nick is the authority between the three of us.

We learn that yaks get frightened if you throw a bunch of sticks up in the air. Yaks aren’t very aggressive but if you’re in a tight spot this yak tidbit might be helpful.

Talking about music and musicians, Nick hosts a local music venue.

Nick refuses to disrobe because of the high number of windows in his vicinity.

Bell peppers suck if you have a strong opinion about bell peppers pound off in the comments.

We talking wells, well water, digging wells, well depth.

We learn that Oregon borders the ocean on the WEST SIDE.

“Van nomad-ism” sounds a lot cooler than “van life”.

We talk about the coronavirus for a while.

A good bit of talk about work boots.

Kratom is federally legal but illegal in Alabama. what kind of bullshit is that?

Some good Cracker Barrel discussion.

Adam pulls his butt out to show off a wheely boarding injury.

We pontificate the ins and out of restaurant work.

Yak Attack!

Well, I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook page, Instagram and Patreon.

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