Hey everyone! In this episode we are joined by Jim Jesus of the Lolberts! We discuss the origins of the group’s name, as well as the correct pronunciation of “General Tso’s chicken”. We move on to Jim’s sophisticated taste in beer as well as his parking lot masturbatory practices. Jim does not waste an opportunity to compare the Ancap Barber Shop to Christopher Cantwell’s “Radical Agenda”.
The episode organically turns into a competition that nobody officially won. Who do you think is the best?
What the fuck is post-modernism? (Scott still doesn’t know)
What is egoism and who is Max Stirner?
Is the Emoji movie the film adaptation of “the Unique and it’s Property”?
Have you ever battered and deep-fried White Castle? Jim Jesus has.
What’s it like to hang out in a legal brothel?
Which incarnation of “The Tick” do you like best?
We tackle these questions and more in tonight’s podcast. You can find out more about Jim at thelolberts.com