Boy do we have a good one lined up for you guys this time. In addition to our regular hosts and panelists we are joined by Antony Sammeroff of the Scottish Liberty Podcast and We discuss “The Psychology of Statism“, environmentalism in regards to private property, Ezra Klein, Charles Murray, life in Scotland and an upcoming live stream Antony is hosting for the purpose of shaving his long, flowing mane.


Antony assured me throughout the interview that I was doing a good job, so I think you guys will probably enjoy it.
Did you guys know that I used to cut the dick bones out of dead raccoons? Yeah they have bones in their dicks and people cut them out and make toothpicks out of them. We also learned that they don’t have raccoons in Scotland.
As usual the rest of the Ancap Barber boys didn’t do any research or prep, so it fell to me to carry the show. I’ve scolded them, but if you feel like you can do a better job send your application The bar isn’t very high, honestly if you can keep your mouth within two inches of a microphone and not talk over me, or contradict me in any way, you’ve got the job. It doesn’t pay anything, in fact you would have to pay me so be sure you’re cool with that and we’ll discuss my fee.
Shouts out to Scuba Steve from Kentucky, thanks for reaching out man. I always appreciate feedback from listeners. If you’d like to get a message to us we always love that shit. DM me on Instagram (@ancapbarber) or shoot me an email at
We talk about a recent camping expedition I took with my daughter and some friends, during which I attempted to coax a neighboring camper’s toddler over to my campsite. I thought the poor toddler was my kid, so I tried to bait her away from her parent’s campsite with cookies. I can’t make this shit up.
We really enjoyed talking with Antony, and we highly recommend checking out his content. You can find his his stuff below.
Seriously, he’s a real smart dude.
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Alright guys, until next time.