Hello Friends! In this episode, we discuss the Nike boycott, as well as recount the first forty-nine episodes of the Ancap Barber Shop! That’s right, this is our fiftieth episode, and boy is it a good one! We’ll hear from a few listeners, talk about the new Eminem album, listen to a few clips from past episodes and discuss the merits of the boycott against Nike for using Colin Kaepernick in their advertising. This episode begins NOW!

We’re retiring the introduction song “Kill Myself” written and performed by… myself (Scott). We’re upgrading the show’s music for the coming episodes, if you need your fix of Pinecone Percy you can find it here.

We move on to thanking our network, patrons, and listeners. I’ll reiterate here.


Seriously, we couldn’t do this without you guys. I mean I literally don’t know how to upload a podcast, or what an “RSS feed” is. So thanks again.

Ancap Barber Boi News

We had a few voicemails for this one. Somebody sent us a clip from the movie Billy Madison, looking back this could have been an insult to our intelligence. Are you friend or foe? Either way, we appreciate it!

The next voicemail is from the big (more recently not-so-big) man himself, Rodger Paxton! He congratulates us and wishes us another fifty to one hundred and fifty episodes. Thanks, Rodger!

The next one was a little bizarre. Adam and I thought it was a 1960’s civil rights speech until we heard the announcer say something about Ric Flair. Make sure and let us know exactly what that was, lol. Our Final message this fortnight was from Brando, the other ancap barber. If you haven’t heard it, we interviewed him back on episode twenty-six. Thanks, Brother!

If you’d like to leave us a voicemail you can do so at 256-607-3197. I’m in, give me a holler!

Apparently, the hip-hop artist Eminem AKA Marshall Mathers AKA Mom’s Spaghetti Man just put out a new album and did so without warning or promotions. He uses the album to diss all the mumble rappers or something. This shit’s a little outside my wheelhouse and Adam doesn’t write the show notes so if you want to hear more outside of the podcast hit his ass up at adam@ancapbarbershop.com, then send me an email at scott@ancapbarbershop.com so I can remind him to check his email.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be revamping our Patreon campaign. I don’t want to say too much until all the details are finalized but we will likely be halving all of our prices, and further reducing the price of several tiers. We’ll let you know more in the next episode but if you’ve ever thought about supporting us, or just want to get more of that sweet, sweet Ancap Barber Shop content check it out at


What the fuck is the internet!?

We spend our internet segment listening to a few clips that I selected from the first forty-nine episodes.

The first clip is from our inaugural episode, “Anarchy In Alabama” where Adam and I channeled our inner impressionists and did a dramatic reading of the Donald Trump pussy grabbing comments. You can listen to our first episode here.

The second clip is from episode fifteen “Battle of Berkley and stoicism with Nick Hazelton”. We discuss that “Moldylocks” girl getting punched in the face. You can listen to episode fifteen here.

The third clip is from a bonus episode we recorded live from Porcfest AKA the Porcupine Freedom Festival last year (2017). We talked about allegedly eating mushrooms the night before and allegedly losing our shit for a few hours because of it. You can catch that one here.

Our fourth and fifth clips were from episode forty-one “John Mcafee and Syria” The former clip being Adam’s bigoted introduction monologue and the latter being us discussing John’s unconventional sex life.

#ancapbarbergangriseup #mexicanbabysitter

You can listen to episode forty one here.

Big Dick Ancap Shit

We spend a little time discussing the Nike Boycott. The footwear and apparel tycoon has chosen to center one of their ads around Kaepernick, featuring a still portrait of his likeness, and text that reads “Believe in something even it means sacrificing everything”.

The internet is flooded with memes. Is this a ploy for attention from the company? Will their support of Kaepernick inevitably be a detriment to their bottom line? Oh yeah Adam is sporting his Nike SB shoes and tee shirt for this pod.

We’d like to thank everybody once again. This episode was a big milestone for us, and we really enjoyed recording it for you guys. Until next time, worms!

And don’t forget to give us mother fucking money at patreon.com/ancapbarbershop.