In this episode, we discuss automating congress with special guest Donnie Gebert, but before that, we introduce our new panelists! That’s right, after lengthy consideration we are bringing two of our close libertarian friends, Dave Hester and Tanner Cypret into the fold! You may remember Dave from the tenth episode: Rothbard’s Natural rights and Euthanasia. You may also remember Tanner from our nineteenth episode: Net Neutrality and artificial intelligence and our twenty-first episode: Seasteading, Determinism and Cocaine.

Donnie has a plan to automate congress, resulting in what he calls a direct republic. His plan involves all “government” programs being funded voluntarily by making everyone their own representative, as well as recording the transactions on the blockchain. They would be able to decide which programs receive funding (if any at all) as well as how much.

He claims that this could be a transitional method of getting away from democracy and that it is minarchistic, because everyone would have to sign a contract. We question this aspect but approve the general concept as a means to abolish taxation and government coercion.

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