We are talking with Nick Hazelton about the Battle of Berkeley and Stoicism.

The Battle of Berkley was a free speech rally that had Trump supporters and Antifa in attendance. It was a wave of red hats and black bandanas.

We give you all the news on Moldylocks and her nude shots and porn.

Antifa threw some smoke bombs and the wind blew the smoke right back on them.

Does Antifa break shit and block roads only to gain attention? Could it be considered terrorism? Some people seem tothink so.

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We have Nick Hazelton on this episode. The last time we talked to him was back on episode 5 of this show, Anarcho-Yakitalism, and Philosophy.

What is Stoicism? Nick says it is the philosophy dedicated to living in accordance with reality, not trying to fight what’s going to happen. Some people say it focuses on your spirit of control.

What is the difference between Stoicism and Cynicism?

As Nick says, “Just let it go and be happy, man!”

Will cold showers help you cool and if you’re depressed? Some studies apparently say so.

Nick talks about his history with depression and how stoicism helped him through those times. It helped him to focus on what he could control and help his life get better. He talks about this more in episode 57 of Anarcho-Yakitalism.

Is PorcFest too statist for Nick? Scott and Adam will be going to PorcFest for the first time this year, and will finally get to meet Rodger Paxton!

Check out Yakkin’ with Nick!

Nick has pod-faded his older show, Anarcho-Yakitalism, so we talk to him about his new show, Yakkin’ with Nick.

Scott, Adam, and Nick talk about all of their podcasting journeys and how they got so rich and famous through podcasting.

Jeff Berwick the vegan anarchist called Nick a statist for eating meat. I wonder how Jeff feels about a 22 round being used to slaughter Nick’s yaks?