On this episode, Scott and Adam talk about Bipcoin and Trump’s Twitter account, how to find a good barber, and Gustavo Diaz. Bipcoin and Trump's Twitter What the hell is Bipcoin and how does it relate to Bitcoin? Bipcoin was created by Michael W. Deen from the Freedom Feens radio program. How to pick a barber

  1. Go to barber shops.
  2. Observe sanitation techniques. You want to see barbicide or some other disinfectant being used on combs and scissors in between clients. Barbers should be spraying their clippers with disinfectant and letting it sit for a few minutes as well. If they use razors for shaving your neck or lining you up they need to be cleaned and the blade replaced between every client without exceptions.
  3. Understand how to explain your haircut to a barber. It helps a barber to be able to know where you like your sideburns to stop, or if you like your nape blocked or faded.
  4. Be prepared to spend more than 10 bucks on a haircut if you want a good one.
  5. If you see something wrong with the haircut, explain it to your barber and give him a chance to fix it.
  6. Find someone you can relate to, or at least a barbershop you enjoy waiting for a haircut in. A lot of people don’t like haircuts because they feel like someone they don’t know is trying to make small talk with them. My tattoo guy and I talk about Kung fu movies whenever I get a new tat. You go to the barbershop to relax, you need to choose an environment you are comfortable in.
  7. Finally, make sure your barber seems competent. And that he knows what he’s talking about. Make sure that the shop is clean. There will always be hair in a barber shop but everything should be tidy and free of dirt and oil. If a barber doesn’t seem to have good sanitation habits feel free to ask them about it. They should have an answer for you if they don’t or the answer doesn’t seem satisfactory keep looking.

Gustavo Diaz is Venezuela’s arch nemesis, and he’s nothing more than a guy who works at Home Depot in Alabama and runs a website. Flag burning laws are laws against freedom of speech. Hillary Clinton co-sponsored such a bill in 2005. President-elect Donald Trump and his Twitter are at it again. And, a question from a listener on how dog fighting would be handled in Ancapistan. Thanks to everyone who listens to the show. We love to hear from our listeners, so make sure to check out the contact page on our website at ancapbarbershop.com or send us an email at scott@ancapbarbershop.com. Let us know what you think of the show, what you’d like to hear on the show, or how you think we can do better.