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In this episode, we are discussing #Bottomunity and Argumentation Ethics.
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James Weeks (LNC Stripper), made a Facebook video discussing #bottomunity. The idea is the unification of the two bottom quadrants of the political compass, in juxtaposition to either quadrant unifying with their respective “counterpart”. The boys discuss their opinions and weigh the pros and cons.

They then move on to discuss argumentation ethics, the rationalist justification of libertarian ethics that Hans Herman Hoppe derived from studying argumentation. The basic idea is that if you have chosen to argue with someone over a dispute instead of using force to settle the dispute, you are practicing a pursuit of peaceful ends to the argument. Hoppe makes it clear that you could at any point in the argument (or afterward) shift to using force instead of arguing peacefully, but you couldn’t do so justifiably. You would be contradicting the precedent you had already set by arguing instead of taking what you want with violence.
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