We’re breaking down Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing as well as the recent #METOO comments from legendary comic Norm MacDonald. Welcome to this fortnights’ episode of the Ancap Barber Shop!

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After starting the show off with a re-inaction of the questioning of Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing by

Sheldon Whitehouse, we delve into our pertinent commentary on the subject.

But first we need to establish that Mr. Producer Fuckhead Mcghee was a thing, but only for a short amount of while.

I’d like to start by saying that rape and sexual assault are not and should not be acceptable or tolerable in any society. Everything hinges on consent. Rapists if caught in the act should be shot until dead. accusations of rape or sexual assault should be investigated, and if the accused is reasonably proven to be guilty, they should be punished or shunned from society depending on the severity of their crime. That being said an accusation alone is not enough in my eyes to convict the accused.

So what happened at now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing?

Kavanaugh was nominated by Trump to be an associate justice in the U.S. Supreme Court and shortly before the nomination vote Christina Blassey Ford accused him of sexual assault when they were teenagers.

Did Kavanaugh sexually assault Dr. Christine Blassey Ford? He very well may have as far as anyone knows. The only people that likely know the truth are Kavanaugh and Ford. That being said with the overwhelming lack of evidence for the crime, we don’t think it is fair to assume Kavanaugh’s guilt.

Ford’s witnesses do not corroborate her story.

There were a few honorable mentions for the particulars of either of their stories not being convincing.

Ford’s initial claim that she couldn’t travel by plane was interesting considering she had been on planes for family vacations among other things on a regular basis. She originally refused to fly for the hearing and requested it take place in her vicinity, but eventually worked up the gumption to make the flight. Seems like an obvious stall tactic but who knows.

Ford testified that she had never been trained, or partook in the training or coaching of anyone else in preparation for a polygraph test. a letter from an alleged and anonymous ex-boyfriend of Ford contradicted her.

We really don’t think that anyone is buying Brett’s deflections for questions about his alcohol fueled adolescence, or the sexual innuendo between him and his childhood friends, but he shouldn’t be on trial for any of that. He would have come across as more genuine had he been more forthcoming about some of the things in his yearbook.

We also know that boofing is a method of delivery, through the anus, of drugs and alcohol.

The most unfortunate thing about the subject matter of the hearing was the lack of discussion about Brett as a judge. He was a terribly hawkish and authoritarian concerning personal privacy and national security, and was more than supportive of the Patriot Act.

I’ve compiled a list of all the articles and clips referenced below:

Ford’s witnesses do not corroborate her story

Ford’s plane travel.


Brett Kavanaugh and the Bill of Rights: Some Concerns


United States Senator from Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse questions Brett Kavanaugh

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We end the show discussing Norm Macdonald’s #metoo comments, and his appearance on the view discussing them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode as much as we did, look forward to the next edition of The Ancap Barber Shop! Worms!