Chelsea Manning’s commutation, Trump’s inauguration, libertarian charity part two, and what’s in our podcatcher.

Chelsea Manning's commutation, Trump's inauguration, libertarian charity part two, and what's in our podcatcher.

Chelsea Manning and Trump’s Inauguration

Chelsea Manning was sentenced to 35 years for whistleblowing, but President Obama commuted her sentence just days before leaving office. Why didn’t he pardon Snowden? We talk about the differences between Manning and Snowden and Obama’s reason for not pardoning Snowden.

We have a new president, Donald Trump of all people. We talk about his inauguration and his “fuck you” toObama speech.

Next, we talk about the topic you’re not supposed to talk about, abortion. Scott and Adam give their history of thought on the topic.

We go through a list and discussion of Scott’s several tattoos, from good to bad, and why he has them.

Anarchists giving anarchists a bad name. There were some riots and protests around Trump’s inauguration and we discuss those.

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Donor See is a charity that allows you to choose what specific project you want to donate to. Instead of faceless charity that gives you no way to view the effectiveness of your dollars, with Donor See, you will be able to see your money at work through updates given on the site for the specific projects you donated to. Scott has made a pledge to start sending some donations to Donor See. It is well worth checking out. We’ll have a representative from Donor See on our show coming soon!

Sig Sauer just got a huge government contract to be the next sidearm for the United States Army.

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