We’re talking about a bunch of cool shit in this one, like an open pedophile, white supremacist dude who’s running for Congress and a cop murdering a groundhog in COLD BLOOD, but not until I talk about the stuff I want to talk about… like the 1998 Michael Bay action spectacular, Armageddon. I wanted to figure out which characters we would be but Adam and Tanner haven’t seen it, so I explain the plot for 5 minutes. I could have asked them if they had seen it but I assumed everybody had. Anyways I’m Rockhound, and I’m pretty sure Adam is Bear, Dave would be the Bruce Willis guy and Tanner is Aerosmith’s daughter.
Oh yeah, I saw the new Han Solo movie and it was really good. Adam and Tanner didn’t see this one either. We did figure out that C-3P0 is gay though…
We talked about the Roseanne tweet. Overall we’re supportive, but we offer some poignant criticism for Ms. Barr.
Tanner wanted to bring up the mounting trade war between the U.S. and Canada, so we discussed the pros and cons of taxing imports vs not interfering with international trade.
We talk about basketball man Sterling Brown getting tazed and arrested. Me and Adam are pretty much in the dude’s corner, but Tanner gives us some pushback. I mean after the poor bastard was on the ground they were standing on his ankles and shit. If tanner would get the animal crackers out of his panties for two seconds he would probably be with us. You can watch the video and decide for yourselves.
check this shit out, after arguing about the Sterling Brown thing we talk about the cop who shot the damn groundhog and me and Tanner switch positions. This shit is so damn funny to me.
Our last titillating segment for this episode is about Virginian Nathan Larson, who is running for Congress as a libertarian and an open pedophile among a lot of other weird shit. He wants to legally define women as property and he’s apparently a white supremacist.
Welp that’s the show, if all goes as planned we should have Antony from the Scottish Liberty Podcast with us next episode. Y’all don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do, unless it’s sending money to our Patreon. Later.