We are talking libertarian charity part 3 with Gret Glyer of DonorSee!

DonorSeeScott is on staycation this week and got his ass kicked by Adam at some disc golf.

We talk to our very special guest, Gret Glyer, of DonorSee.

Gret Glyer has a business degree from a school in Pennsylvania in 2012 and started working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car as his first job. He had the opportunity to go to Africa to teach math to kids so he took it. While there he crowdfunded a $100,000 school for girls. This is where his desire to start DonorSee came from.

The cool thing about DonorSee is that you get to see where your money is going. Scott donated to a lady needing a wheelchair and received a video of her being placed in that wheelchair for the first time after it was purchased. That is powerful.

DonorSee can be found at donorsee.com or by downloading their phone app called DonorSee.

Aid workers from Peace Corps have been banned from using DonorSee completely and won’t return Gret’s email, regardless of how effective DonorSee has been.

DonorSee was the very first organization on the ground in Haiti after the hurricane. They beat USAID and Red Cross because of their lightweight, efficient, and technological model.

You really have to check this charity out. We would consider it a personal favor if you began donating to the things this organization does.

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