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In this long-awaited episode of The Ancap Barber Shop…

We talk video game voice actors, Disney+, Star Wars Rebels, A giant pool table, A local man killed by police, James Mason in “Lolita”, and drag queen story hour. We hope you’re ready for the epic return because here it is.

We got to hear from an old friend of the Show Adam Posely! He’s an excellent judge of character if you ask me.

Hey so sorry this episode is a little old, and sorry that we’ve been out for so long.

Got some nice voicemails from some friends of the show! A very polite gentleman paid us a few compliments and even shared the show with a friend! Somebody also explained that the Bob Hoskins Mario Bros movie pushed Nintendo to move away from main characters being voiced in their games because people prefer to hear the voices in their head or something.

We got Disney Plus and I’m watching Star Wars Rebels and Adam is watching the Mandolorian. I still haven’t seen the Mandolorian but Rebels is pretty sick. The first season takes a bit to develop but towards the end it gets really good and the second season is deadass lit my dudes LOL!

According to Adam Stanley Marsh the third was an eccentric billionaire that built a huge pool table, put signs around his town that said “Bring back Hanging” and bought a bunch of cadillacs and buried them in the ground.

Next, we find out how pool balls are made. They’re plastic cast in a mold. Pretty exciting stuff.

Adam asserted that Stanley was a peder-ass but I didn’t see anything about it on the first page of google so who knows.

Wait I searched “Stanley Marsh 3 pedophile” and there were some hits so yeah…

Is drag queen story hour a good thing or not? Nobody seems to know. It’s probably mostly fine.

Was the lady that had multiple personality disorder Australian? I don’t remember a funny accent.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it fucks like a duck, with a corkscrew penis.

Seriously ducks can go to hell.

Was Dana Fletcher’s death Justified? It’s hard to tell. It looks like he had a gun, but having a gun isn’t illegal most of the time. Some of his behavior was odd, but that’s not illegal either. Why were the police bothering him in the first place? He was there with his family asking people questions. So why demand he get out of his vehicle? Why not ask him what he’s up to? Observe him? Ask him to leave? It’s important to note that we don’t have all the details and it’s strange that the wife claimed that he didn’t have a gun, when he clearly did. I think the police should release the full video for public review. Maybe they have by now? I’m not sure.

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