We discuss Alabama church police and the Easter Facebook killer.

There’s a church in Birmingham trying to get legislation passed that would allow them to form its own police force. This is apparently in response to the Sandy Hook killings.

“After the shooting at Sandy Hook and in the wake of similar assaults at churches and schools, Briarwood recognized the need to provide qualified first responders to coordinate with local law enforcement,” Briarwood administrator Matt Moore said in a statement.

“It’s our view this would plainly be unconstitutional,” the acting executive director of the ACLU, Randall Marshall, told NBC News. “These bills unnecessarily carve out special programs for religious organizations and inextricably intertwine state authority and power with church operations,” he later said in a memo.

Another church protection bill, the Alabama Church Protection Act, is scheduled to be debated in the state legislature next Tuesday and is in some ways even more controversial than the one passed Tuesday. That bill would allow churches to have armed security guards, and moreover, give those guards legal immunity if they were to shoot anyone, so there’s that.

Cell411 is a program that can be used to seek help from friends and neighbors when you’re in trouble.

Alabama has a new Governor, Robert Bentley, and he’s been accused of using government resources and personnel to try and punish people he dislikes.

Collier, who has alleged Bentley had an affair with Mason, said in the amended complaint filed today that Bentley continues to use ALEA (Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) resources and personnel to “try to dig up dirt on people that Bentley disliked or became upset with.”

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Steve Stephens, the Easter Facebook Killer, killed a 74-year-old man on video that he posted to Facebook to get back at his girlfriend and that he lost all of his money gambling.

Should someone like this face capital punishment?

What’s better, open carry or concealed carry?

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