In this episode, we are talking about Elastigirl’s PHAT ass in the new children’s film “The Incredibles 2” as well as Japan using the death penalty to punish terrorist cult leaders. Me and Adam are riding solo for this one… or, well whatever. We didn’t have Dave or Tanner, so this is one of the good ones. Oh yeah, we couldn’t live stream this one for the patrons because Adam forgot to bring the network cable. It’s his fucking fault so don’t be mad at me. We also still owe the gentleman’s cut and up patrons the live stream for last month. Sorry guys, shit’s been real at the new and improved Martin Shkreli studios, but we’ll do two this month.

Ancap Barber Boi News

We set up a phone line for listeners to leave us messages to play on the show and we received quite a few of them for this episode. We got to hear from the ghost of Jimmy Stewart (or James Dean, I think they’re the same person), Tony Montana,
Hank Hill, Joe Pesci and many more. Leave us a voicemail anytime day or night and we’ll play it on the next episode. The number is:


We announced the winner for our best pun to answer the question “What anime would Tony Soprano watch?” contest.
The winner is…….. Ceges! with his answer of “Fullmetal Alchemist: Dagohood” Send us your info Ceges, and we’ll get you a free shirt.

We closed this segment out briefly discussing a Huntsville, AL former school teacher who was arrested for brandishing a firearm at a local immigration protest. You can find the article here.

What the fuck is the Internet!?

This past fortnight’s internet activity seems to have mostly revolved around discussing Elastigirl’s big fat booty and since we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the world, we felt it necessary to weigh in. Long story short, don’t tell me what to jack off to, it’s none of your fucking business. and get off my goddamn property while we’re at it. Oh yeah here’s the article.

We talked about all the Joe Rogan hate that’s been going around as well. Leave my man alone (addressed to incels everywhere).

Bick Dick Ancap Shit

For our closing segment, we talk about Shoko Asahara, founder of a Japanese doomsday cult. He was recently executed along with 6 of his cohorts for the deaths of 29 people, including 13 that died in a sarin gas attack. 6,000 people were reported injured as well. So it’s pretty hard to feel bad for these guys. If you like you can read the full article here.

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