Hey boys and girls, welcome to the Ancap Barber Shop! We’ve got special guest Elijah Boyd on this one. He’s the Vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Madison County as well as a candidate in the race for state house district ten here in Alabama. We also discuss what’s going on in the state (as well as the country) of Georgia. Make sure you don’t miss this one!

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We start the show off listening to a few listener voicemails, My favorite is the one where the guy just says “Hannibal Burress” for whatever reason. Great stuff as always.

To whoever left the voicemail about Ric Flair, It was too fucking quiet try again.

Adam lets us in on some hillbilly assed advice .”One awe shit takes away all your attaboys”. So yeah.

Elijah tells us a little about his campaign, and what it’s like to run for public office. He says that he’s not sure if he’s doing it right and that the purpose of his campaign is to spread the message of liberty. You can find out about his campaign at electelijah.com

Here’s a video of Elijah at the LNC putting forth a motion for the LP to condemn Jeff Sessions.

Elijah takes us through his platform. We discuss prison reform, cannabis legalization, unfair taxes, occupational licensing and civil asset forfeiture.

We also discuss his life as a foster and adoptive parent, as well as that whole Jacob Anders thing. If you’re out of the loop he was the alleged “Rapey Politician” we covered in episode 47. Here are some links to more info on that little dealio:





Big Dick Ancap Shit

Adam ties it up talking about the state of Georgia removing the pledge of allegiance (I think just in Atlanta but I don’t remember, Adam always forgets to send me the links… If you’ve made it this far I assume you’re planning on listening to the podcast so fuck off lol) as well as the country of Georgia legalizing (I hope it’s legalize and not decriminalize, once again it’s Adam’s fault so bitch at him) cannabis.

Alright I felt bad so I looked it up. The country of Georgia LEGALIZED cannabis. Don’t expect me to do more work than I want to anymore.

If you haven’t figured it out Adam originally thought that the STATE of Georgia had legalized POT. What a dipshit.

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Welp, I really hope you guys have enjoyed this. I know it’s been fun for me. Worms!

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