Epistemic Responsibility with Jeremy Henggeler – ABS016

We have a special guest, Murder Dog, AKA, Jeremy Henggeler from Seeds of Liberty, and we’ll talk epistemic responsibility, AKA, intellectual responsibility.

Jeremy Henggeler tells us how to pronounce his last name first of all. He also tells us how he got started with the Seeds of Liberty podcast, and how it led to him being on Freedom Feens.

Who is Max Stirner and what is his egoist philosophy? Is it nothing more than selfishnesses? Jeremy started off as an objectivist but is leaning towards egoism lately.

Seeds of Liberty is Jeremy’s podcast and we love it because he gets really good guests. Lately, he’s had Ben Stone on to talk about Room4Freedom, a more private competitor to AirBNB that allows for payments that are not just fiat currency based. You can also use it to rent out pieces of your property for someone to put an RV on, or even to use as a farm.

The tireless minority is a concept of a small minority of people, less than 10%, who are responsible for the majority of the changes in culture with tireless, almost religious, activism and education. This has been proven out by history as well. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This plays into the vast majority of people in the world being followers, not leaders.

Make sure to check out the Vonu Podcast. Vonu is the condition or quality of, as well as the action of achieving, an invulnerability to coercion. Etymologically, it is an awkward contraction of the phrase, VOluntary Not vUlnerable (hence, “vonu”).

Is it possible to talk to statists and change their minds without being a jerk? Jeremy seems to think so, except for the ones who are truly sociopathic and dogmatic. But, most people on the other side are followers and we need to try to connect with them. Talk to anyone who is willing to talk to you. Jeremy had a lot of success talking to disenfranchised Bernie Sanders leftists who were open and willing to hear new ideas.

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Epistemic responsibility is the idea that intellectuals should make themselves responsible for the truth and the exposing of lies and that you should without belief in something until there is sufficient evidence to believe it. W.K. Clifford was a mid-1800’s mathematician who was a leading proponent of this idea.

The topic of anti-vaxxers comes up and Jeremy tells his opinion on the vaccine debate.

Is it immoral to believe in god since there is not sufficient evidence for the existence of god?

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