Hey everybody! In this episode, we are LIVE for the first time from the new and improved Martin Shkreli Studios! We discuss the arrest of Matthew Qualls, which occurred on February 22nd, 4 days after publicly criticizing Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin and Hillary Clinton supporters spamming pro Bernie Sanders facebook groups with child pornography.

No book club this fortnight, we will pick up at chapter three of Anatomy of the State next episode.
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We discuss the arrest of Matthew Qualls, which occurred on February 22nd, 4 days after publicly criticizing Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin. Qualls had done some lawn work for the asshole sheriff and was paid with checks indicating “Sheriff Todd Entrekin Food Provision Account” in the upper lefthand corner. There is a law in Alabama that can be interpreted to allow local sheriffs to personally pocket leftover funds that are allocated to feed prisoners. If this shit isn’t fucked up enough, they are trying to charge him with trafficking based on the weight of the cannabis-infused butter he was apparently caught making, which lead to his arrest. The below quote from Phil Sims (deputy commander of the Etowah County drug enforcement unit) sums the situation up perfectly.
“Once that marijuana was mixed with the butter then the whole butter becomes marijuana, and that’s what we weighed,”
Jesus Christ Phil get, your shit together. This is one of the most retarded things I’ve ever read. Matthew “Butter Alchemist” Qualls remains in a cage for the crime of cooking weed butter.
You can find a few good articles AL.com put out regarding the matter below:
We can’t make this shit up folks. We’re neither that smart or creative.
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