What are the foundations of libertarianism? We explore that topic this week. Join us!

We start off with a discussion about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. Scott’s baseline position is, “Let’s talk thing out and not resort to violence.”

Is it appropriate to punch a Nazi in the face for spouting bad ideas?

Christopher Cantwell, the racist from the Vice documentary, is a class A piece of shit nationalist.

Is there a peaceful way to deal with racists? Yep, and folks in Germany have proven it.

We also talk about the situation with national Libertarian Party chairman, Nick Sarwark, attacking Tom Woods out of the blue in a bout of virtue signaling. We think this was a bad move by Sarwark and he should not be alienating libertarian minded individuals.

We now get into the foundations of libertarianism.

What is the non-aggression principle?

Libertarians are not pacifists, but we do not believe in initation of agression. We will defend ourselves.

Libertarianism put simply is “don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff.”