We talk about Hoppean physical removal, Trump’s travel ban, Scott’s diet update, and free helicopter rides.

Hoppean Physical Removal and Trump’s Travel Ban

Scott has changed his diet again trying to find out what works best for him. He’s already lost about 40 pounds but still wants to lose more. He recommends the Hulu documentary, The Perfect Human Diet. But, don’t take our advice on diets because we don’t know what we’re talking about.

Hans Hermann Hoppe made waves with his claim that some people would need to be physically removed from society to keep it libertarian. The quote was taken from his 2001 book Democracy: The God That Failed:

There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order. They will have to be physically separated and expelled from society. Likewise, in a covenant founded for the purpose of protecting family and kin, there can be no tolerance toward those habitually promoting lifestyles incompatible with this goal. They–the advocates of alternative, non-family and kin-centred lifestyles such as, for instance, individual hedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism–will have to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order.

So, should we start kicking communists from helicopters now? Augusto Pinchoet, former president of Chile, would say yes.

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Will Trump’s “Muslim Ban” lead to more terrorist attacks? We talk about why these specific countries were chosen for the ban and if this will have blow back for America.

Will the left become anti-war again now that Obama is no longer the president? We sure hope so!

The travel ban is being fought in the courts right now. As of recording of this episode, a court rejected a bid to restore the travel ban.

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