Hey Everybody, the long-awaited episode fifty-nine is here! In this one, we talk about voting in Alabama by location, Julian Assange, Brody Dalle from the distillers and Bama boi Charles Barkley.

We started off talking about how hawt and sexy Brody Dalle from the Distillers is (and was when I was 14), most of it got cut though because we were listening to music in the background. For some reason, we thought it would be OK if we talked over it but I got scared and deleted it. I’m sure everyone can appreciate stuff like that. Also, we tried doing the podcast standing up this time and it helped a lot.

Soundboards down because I converted all the clips to the wrong format and I haven’t fixed it yet. Sorry about that.

We discuss which holidays we would get rid of if we could. The list includes:

Mother’s day

Father’s day


Greek Easter

President’s day

Labor day

Valentine’s day


Probably more too if we thought about it. Let us know which holidays you don’t like at facebook.com/ancapbarbershop

I’m sure people would think it was cool of you posted about it on our Facebook wall. You can be like “I don’t like Labor Day very much” and we’ll be like “Yeah you go girl”.

I would feel bad about getting rid of Halloween because Dave likes it so much though.

We did disagree about Independence Day. Adam doesn’t like it but I live for 1776 lol. Adam has some good points though. Like you can grill out any day you want, and fireworks are stupid. Pretty solid for real. Fireworks are kinda stupid.

Adam used to date a girl that was a foot taller than him and he had to stand on his tiptoes to kiss lol.

It’s the gayest way a man can kiss a woman and Adam did it probably more than once.

So Adam blows my mind Joe Rogan style with this “black belt of Alabama” shit. Basically, there were something like mineral deposits or fossils that were concentrated in a “belt” running east to west across the state that lead to rich soil. It’s called the black belt because of rich soil, not black people but that’s what’s going on. Sharecroppers settled heavily in the area and fast forward to now and people in the area vote overwhelmingly democrat. It all sounds pretty racist to me but get mad at Adam, it’s his content.

Charles Barkley is a strooooong black conservative.

Also, we love the lads.

We talk about planning a Hispanic themed episode to pander to our fanbase. We don’t have anything locked in but we’ll probably plan something out for you guys.

If you know the latest on Jussie Smollett leave us a voicemail at 256-607-3197. We’ll believe anything you say probably, we haven’t kept up with the story very well.

We’re still standing up.

I should probably say we spend a fair amount of time talking about our kinks as well as the kink/porn communities in this one at different points so if you don’t like that stuff sorry, just listen to the next one.

So there are some allegations that Julian Assange is being drugged by the government to make him crazy. I’m sure by the time this comes out Snopes will have disproved it so it may be some weird fan fiction shit. It might be for real though, we just don’t know. Its alleged he is being given a drug called “BZ” which is some crazy tripping shit we’ve never heard of.

Well, I think that about wraps her up. We hope you enjoyed this one, and if you did you should like our Facebook page, Instagram and Patreon.

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