Welcome to the fifty-seventh episode of The Ancap Barber Shop! In this one me and Adam are completely unleashed, casting aside the restraints of things like “format” and “content”, and boy does it pay off. We’re really proud of this one, and you should be too. Strap in and pull out your finest set of earbuds because it’s about to get real.

We tried a new audio production technique where we must of bumped some controls and didn’t notice because my channel was panned all the way to one side. We fixed it and you probably won’t notice but if it sounds a little funny that’s probably why.

Adam starts off talking about something called the bridge water triangle. Apparently it’s an area of Massachusetts where they have a lot of ghosts and fireballs? Animal mutilations too. We came to the conclusion that Adam is against animal mutilation and I’m for it.

We would both try veal or foie gras though.

We move on talking about a few ghost stories from my childhood. I’ve told this story before but I saw a guy without a face. Also an orb, which is apparently common. Adam’s friend’s house was haunted as well.

Also we both believe in aliens.

Oh yeah Inuyasha came up because there was a character that didn’t have a face. That thing was fucking creepy and posed as his mom and like sucked him into her chest and shit. But yeah Kagome is 15 years old and Inuyasha is like a hundred years old. So pretty fucked up by most standards. Adam wanted to fuck Kagome but he was 10 so he got a pass, at least at the time…

We discussed the manifesto penned by the Christchurch New Zealand shooter. If you haven’t heard this dude was a real mother fucker. He said he could have used anything to commit the attack but chose firearms because of how it would affect civil discourse. It probably wasn’t a great time to make fun of muslims considering this cocksucker just murdered like fifty of them in cold blood. But yeah, it is what it is. Don’t listen I guess. Seriously though fuck this guy.

The Bam Margera content wasn’t all THAT original. But damn we had fun with it. He just went on cumtown and had some sort of mental break the next day. Kind of a funny situation but I feel bad for poor Bam Bam. We looked up to him as kids and shit. It’s whatever though.

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