Hey everybody, In this episode we discuss whether or not Joe Rogan should continue his show, the sissy of Freemont street and creepy stories from the dark web. Oh yeah Darryl W. Perry calls in for a bizarre interview. Make sure you DO NOT miss this one.

Ancap Barber Boi News

We have a handful of juicy voice mails from our listeners. I guess I don’t know if the last two were listeners since I don’t know who they were.

Adam proceeds to crack the case on a bizarre interaction I had with a walmart employee. I think she was some type of grocery bag nazi or something.

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I had the pleasure to guest star in an episode of “Sounds Like Liberty” with Nick and Lizzy. They talk about music and musicians from a libertarian perspective. We talked about a whole bunch of shit and it was a fucking riot. In particular I got to break down my nine favorite albums, so if you’re at all curious about my refined taste in music be sure to check it when it drops. You should check their website everyday until they put it out. If they take too long I fully endorse harassment/online bullying. I think they listen to the show but I’m pretty sure they don’t read the show notes… just don’t tell them I told you to do it. Actually just don’t do it at all. Oh fuck the website is https://www.soundslikelibertypodcast.com/.

What the fuck is the Internet!?

We start our internet segment by breaking down an article that claims to compile stories from reddit users about their unusual experiences in the dark web. Our more technically oriented panelist seems to think a lot of it is bullshit because he knows how technology and the internet works. Honestly it kind of fell flat once we realized it was a bunch of HOO HAA but what are you gonna do? I’m surprised it wasn’t overly political. They could have used the opportunity to paint the dark web as more of a den of pedos then it is, since they seemed to be making shit up. I’m sure someone will write in and explain how some of this shit could happen. I’ll pass the info along to the other guys since I won’t understand it anyway.

We’re turning this into a clip show, and I think the segment about “The sissy of Freemont Street” displays the nuanced and poignant commentary that the hosts here at the Ancap Barber Shop are known for. In fact all of our peers in the podcasting industry envy us, yet at the same time respect us. Most libertarian podcasters look up to us, even though we have only been doing it for a few years. But the Sissy is in fact an elderly man that made a video seeking a room mate and lover. He says “I’m ready for you to fuck me up anyway you want to do it you white cunts!”. You just need to listen to the show, or watch the video here.

Goddamn I just watched it again and he says “And put some weights on my itty bitty two inch dick” I’m fuckin dyin bois. You gotta check this shit out.

Mediafile reports “By giving legitimacy to these conspiracy theories amongst others, Rogan is encouraging the “fake news” movement and is essentially telling his audience not to trust anything that is generally accepted as true.

I don’t know man, I would think questioning everything is good. Even if the dude was into some conspiracy shit, and made it part of his show. People don’t have to listen to him, much less hold the same beliefs as him or his guests.

Big Dick Ancap Shit

Darryl W. Perry called in and it was really him and not a soundboard. We had a bizarre conversation and I had to eventually hang up on him and cut the show short. I wrote longer show notes to make up for it.

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