In this episode, we dissect the documentary “Gringo: The dangerous life of John McAfee” as well as the recent alleged chemical attack in Syria.
But first, Adam takes the helm and uses the intro of our beloved show as a platform for his bigotry, he claims to be openly
racist, gay and trans. Scott makes it very clear that Adam’s opinions are his own and Adam is an un-ironic nazi.
So for reals, Adam and Scott had a libertarian trivia competition on a recent Patreon live stream, and the penalty to the loser was that they had to read a scripted intro, written by the winner, on the next episode. The competition ended in a tie, so Scott wrote and intro for Adamand Adam was supposed to write the outro for Scott to read, but Adam forgot… so Scott is off the
hook for now…
So after Adam and Scott discuss whether or not Scott is using the word “lent” correctly, and reading a few of the comments in the live stream chat, They start in on John McAfee documentary. They discuss the film and it’s contents as well as read from a article, linked below:
They continue on to discuss Syria, the chemical attack allegedly conducted by the Syrian government, and the U.S. retaliation.
Looking back it seems like everything has died down. At the very least we are fortunate that Russia did not choose to use military action against U.S. forces. We also read from the following article:
We would also recommend watching the following Tucker Carlson clip, in which he is one of the few journalists questioning the legitimacy of the attack, from Fox News nonetheless.
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Worms y’all!