Hello friends, welcome to the Ancap Barber Shop! Boy have we got a winner for you this time. We’ve got one final Jussie Smollett update, well hopefully, and we’re talking about world famous sports guy David Irving, who quit the NFL during an Instagram video over their cannabis policy, while blazing a fat blunt. Strap in and get ready for episode fifty six!

I knew it was gonna be a hot cast so I hit the skoal right off the bat. Nobody has asked if I’m concerned about my lip falling apart since I started dipping again. I’m not, fuck cancer. Thanks for asking.

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Ancap Barber Boi News:

I’ve got another one of my world famous hair brained ideas. I’m tired of working for the man and I’ve got a bunch of land and shit now so I’m learning woodworking. If I can get good at it I’m gonna make furniture and sell it for money. If you think that’s cool send me a DM and let me know. Also if you know how to do woodworking pretty good hit me up.

Me and Elijah went to the state house in Montgomery to protest some gas tax bullshit, it was a pretty sick trip. They got a big motherfuckin bass pro shop in Montgomery.

Me and Adam are making a bird house. I swear I can make shit way cooler than a dumb ass bird house but Adam wanted to make one so I’m showing him the 1s and 2s of birdhouse design.

If you whether or not the troops ever left Syria DM me and fill us in and maybe we’ll talk about it on the show. Also if you’re a black Israelite hit us up, we got questions.

What the fuck is the internet!?:

We read this article about recent JS news. It’s not looking great for the Empire actor. He might go to jail or prison or whatever, he’ll probably hit up that plea deal though.

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Big Dick Ancap Shit:

David Irving quit the NFL because they’re not cool with smoking weed. He did it in an Instagram video while blazing the ganga. Shouts out to Mr. Irving, smoking weed on Instagram is fucking cool.

Damn Adam told me that Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 syncs up perfectly with the dark side of the moon. I haven’t seen it for myself but if that shit’s real than damn dude, just… damn dude.

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