Hello friends! In this episode of the Ancap Barber Shop we discuss race-bending TV show characters, war with Iran, the films “The Legend of Zorro” and “Wild Wild West”. We hope you’re ready for this one, cause it’s here.

I thought of new on air handles for me and Adam. I’m trying to clean up some of the cringe and up our cool factor so here it is:

Scott (me) – the Hillbilly Weaboo

Adam (other guy) – the Alabama Wigger

Well whadaya think? Pretty cool right? Where is society on using the term “Wigger” anyhow? It feels bad to say right? It feels like it’s as bad as saying the N word but maybe not since it describes white people? I hope society doesn’t judge us to harshly we’re not that racist just a little stupid.

We got hacked, actually all of Paxlib got hit with some real mean malware but maybe it’s our fault? Who on the label is most likely to have enemies? We don’t have a lot of pull but maybe we’re the vocal minority? Either way we discuss our theory which is that a local guy we pissed of for talking shit maybe done it. If it’s on us fucking sorry but I’m sure we’re giving ourselves too much credit.

But if Ders did hit us then here is our reply:

Come one man let’s squash beef. We can’t make too much noise cause Paxlib might realize how shitty our show is and if we get dumped I have no idea how to do a podcast on my own. We’ll have to start a twitch show or something and I don’t need that kind of aggravation. My dude I can’t let Adam down it’ll break his heart =(.

So there’s gonna be a live action Cowboy Bebop show and some of the characters are changing races, so me and Adam riff on other shows getting the characters race-changed and we hit some of the sickest bars we’ve come up with in a hot assed minute.

Look I know it’s not as good as the fucking Joe Rogan Experience or whatever goddamn podcasts you’ve got loaded up in your itunes but I’m fucking proud of “Indian Gilmore Girls”.

Everybody Loves Rayqon

Kang of the Hill

Fuck boys that one slaps.

Adam’s talking about comic book movies and broadway shows while I’m trying to come up with podcast gold.

Damn this was a fun one.

Adam starts a segment about Iran. Fuck I should have put this out quicker I don’t think anyone gives a fuck about Iran at this point. For a minute there we were on the brink of WW3 boys.

Adam reads an excerpt from “War is a Racket”.

Adam talks about airplane pilots doing kamakazes with passenger flights.

Adam explains why he thinks crabs don’t have exoskeletons.

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