In this fortnight’s episode we are discussing Kentucky Fried Chicken’s venture into cryptocurrency as well as the philosophy behind self-driving cars, but first, Pax Libertas has added yet another riveting new show to its lineup, One Free Family – a new take on peaceful parenting, with Taylor and James Davis. You can hear the trailer at the beginning of this episode as well as find more information at It’s a podcast about peaceful parenting, and from what they’ve put out so far it’s really good, and may eventually rival The Ancap Barber Shop for the title of the objectively best podcast on
Okay, maybe after The Lava Flow… and Resist the Empire… and probably Essential Libertarianism…
Anyhow, we have yet ANOTHER supporter through Patreon. Brian McQuade has jumped in at the Gentleman’s Cut level donating $5 per podcast episode!
Thank you, Brian!!!
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Patreon supporter and former guest Drake Lundstrom had some not so kind words for Dave and Tanner on our Facebook page.
We once again briefly dissect our thoughts on standing vs kneeling during the pledge of allegiance, or the national anthem… What do they do at football games again? Either way, we want no part of it (at least not the more tenured contributors to The Ancap Barber Shop. Drake sent us this article for your review and reading pleasure.
We then move on to the first edition of our book club segment where we discuss the first chapter of Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard. Make sure and read the second chapter entitled “What the state is.” before the next episode. You can find the free PDF or audiobook here.
We discuss KFC’s brief acceptance of Bitcoin in Canada, and the implications therein. As historical as this moment is, the best aspect of this story has to be the person who ran the FB promo for their “Bitcoin Bucket”. Their comment was hilarious to people in the know about crypto trading. You can view the original post here,  as well as the article Scott reads from here.
Finally, Adam spearheads one of our best philosophy segments yet. We discuss the pros and cons of using self-driving cars. There are some surprisingly thoughtful points he brings to the table, and the ethical dilemmas surrounding turning control of our transport over to machines, generate some really good conversation.
Alright, guys, we appreciate you listening, and please look out for the next edition of The Ancap Barber Shop. Worms!