Hey everybody, Welcome to the sixty-first episode of the Ancap Barber Shop. In this one we talk Long John Silver’s conspiracies, Black Mirror season three and steamy sub-reddits about certain body parts that resemble Homer Simpson’s face. This cast is not for little babies so if you think you’re ready, go ahead and hit play.

So we start with some stretching on this one. I pushed Adam’s leg into his chest but it was hardly perpendicular to his body before he started crying like a little bitch. We discussed whether or not it was manly to be good at stretching and concluded that stretching and/or being good at stretching is pretty gay.

Fuck there were some good contenders for the episode title in this one. The leader was “Blacked” Mirror, boys will be boys would have been good too but I had to go with the Long John Silver’s thing.

I’m not sure If I used perpendicular correctly or not earlier but I meant the one where it makes a 90 degree angle. As opposed to being parallel I think.

I re-listened to the 47th episode and Adam was in fact not there so he can’t be liable for anything.

Adam’s impressions are not as good as mine.

Honestly if you want to miss Adam’s impressions you can skip like the first ten minutes.

Fuck man I miss Dave. I mean I still see him like once or twice a month but I wish he would come on a hawt cast with us. I’ll try to make that happen soon.

We’re talking about how much my four year old says curses. I think she knows all the good ones. I wouldn’t really care except that I don’t want her to do it at school and get me in trouble. I honestly don’t cuss around her anymore but I can’t get my wife’s friends to stop doing it. They keep forgetting and fucking up in front of my kid and now she says shit and fuck all the time.

Oh shit I forgot about that episode of Black mirror. I’m pretty sure I had a stroke of genius with the episode name or the title or whatever. I’m worried it might go over some of your heads so here it is. It’s the porn site black dot com and the show black mirror. It would work better if there was a mandingo gang bang in the new season instead of gay ebony VR stuff but I think it’s plenty serviceable.

*EDIT I changed the name of the ep.

Oh fuck this episode was the origin of the “I want-a to be back in a-my momma’s a-pooooossy” stuff. Hell yeah.

Adam hits me with some sort of conspiracy about Long John’s Silver’s the fish restaurant. I don’t remember what it was but we also looked at the reddit page R/simp which is a page where you can look at pussies that look like Homer Simpson’s mouth. You have to be 18 to view the page so no fucking lying boys simps ain’t for goddamn babies.

Oh yeah he says “Longs Johns Silver’s is a large scale marijuana money laundering operation”. I’m not going to explain it here because Adam does the research but I write the show notes. Honestly I don’t think anyone reads these. Surely no one listens to the show and reads these. If you did you’re fucking stupid just listen to the goddamn podcast. I may use these show notes to preemptively publish a manifesto I’ve been working on. So if anyone does read these please send me a DM or something.

Fuck if you do read these leave a fucking voicemail. 256-607-3197.

I don’t think the Long John Silver’s stuff is very good because I couldn’t pay attention when Adam was telling me about it and honestly I’m kind of fading now.

I was joking about the manifesto thing obviously.

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Later tator.