We talk about moral foundations and useful diversions with Alan Barksdale.

We start off talking about Coinbase reversing their first memo about not supporting Bitcoin Cash at first. Now, they will be supporting Bitcoin Cash by the end of the year. They likely did this due to all of their pissed off customers and the big hit they would have taken for their initial stance on this issue.

Alan Barksdale is the secretary of the Masidon County Libertarian Party.

Moral foundations theory is a social psychological theory intended to explain the origins of and variation in human moral reasoning on the basis of innate, modular foundations. The original theory proposed five such foundations: Care/Harm, Fairness/Cheating, Loyalty/Betrayal, Authority/Subversion, and Sanctity/Degradation; however, its authors envisioned the possibility of including additional foundations.

How to do drugs with Scott and Adam on heroin.

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