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In the news segment of this episode, Scott talks about his diet for the first time in a while (he’s been actively getting fat for a few months). He’s put on about 20 pounds since his initial weight loss of approximately 50 pounds. Below is what he is currently doing:
“-Daily while fasting:
Water, black coffee, unsweet tea
-Daily while eating:
Chicken, broccoli, veggies, eggs, cheese
Whey protein, almond milk, nuts (Lazy keto)
diet soda in moderation (fuck the haters)
Sugar, grains, fruits, breads, processed foods, Excess fatty foods, excess carbs
Meal at a sit down restaurant
(No fast food or grubsouth)
N/A beer limit six
Try to get 2 strenuous bike rides in every week
While riding hard some fruit/granola is ok”
Tanner has the opposite problem, he has to monitor what he eats or we will get underweight, lucky POS!
During the main segment, we discuss the validity of PC culture in comedy. Mel Brooks has this to say:
“I personally would never touch gas chambers or the death of children or Jews at the hands of the Nazis,”
“Everything else is ok.”
What do you think? Is there a line that comedians and filmmakers should not cross for a chuckle?
Feel free to check out the article from tonight’s episode here. Worms Y’all!