This episode we’re talking about a recent tweet from actor Peter Fonda wherein he prompted his followers to force Baron Trump into a cage full of pedophiles as well as the new supreme court justice seat vacancy.

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We’re working on refining the show into three clearly defined segment being:

1) Ancap Barber Boi News

In this segment, we’ll be discussing the events that affected us personally over the preceding fortnight. What movies we watched, shit like that.

2) What the fuck is the Internet!?

We’ll use this to talk about something or things going on in the WORLD WIDE WEB that makes us happy/horny or piss us off.

3) Bick Dick Ancap Shit

The final segment of the show will be devoted to libertarian/political/philosophical type shit.

None of this is necessarily set in stone but we should have everything locked in by next POD so air your grievances accordingly.

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If you caught the last episode you may recall our guest, Antony of the Scottish Liberty Podcast. I had the absolute honor to participate in a live stream he hosted for the purpose of shaving his long dicked hair off. You can check that out at the link below.

Here’s a couple of links we discussed. Peter Fonda’s Wikipedia entry and the article we read from about his tweet or whatever.

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