Hey everyone, in this episode we’re talking about Jacob Anders, a local politician who is under fire for some leaked questionable posts in a secret incel group, as well as the Libertarian Party in Cuba. Me (Scott) and Dave are bringing the funk tonight. Hope you guys enjoy!

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We had quite a few voicemails this episode, we heard from donors Brian and Bruce as well as some of the usual jokers.

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On the last episode we announced the winner of our Sopranos pun contest, but misgendered, as well as mispronounced the name of our winner. So, SORRY CEGES!

What the fuck is the Internet!?

In this episode’s What the Fuck is the Internet segment we discuss Jacob Anders, who is currently running for Huntsville city council district #4. He’s in hot water because of surfaced screenshots being passed around on social media of some of his past posts in an “incel” group on Facebook. The locals are fired up to make sure he doesn’t win, While I prefer no political masters and choose not to validate the political system by participating, I can’t blame them based on his comments.

He originally had the endorsement of the local Libertarian Party chapter, but has since been revoked.

You can check out his platform here as well.

We briefly discuss Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed’s case against the Federal Government. You can find out more at https://reason.com/blog/2018/07/10/the-goverment-will-allow-cody-wilsons-de as well as buy an 80% finished firearm at https://www.ghostguns.com/.

Bick Dick Ancap Shit

We close out the show talking about libertarians in Cuba. Last year they officially launched the Cuban Libertarian Party after “authorities” arrested a few of their activists for distributing literature. You can read the article here, see their facebook or send them a donation at https://www.paypal.me/InstitutoMisesCuba.

Cuba’s communist government is working towards recognizing some degree of private property rights, as well as the presumption of innocence in their judicial system. They claim to be opening up to private property as well as some form of free market because of their poor economy, which sounds like a concession to me, but we will see.

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