Welcome to the newest edition of the Ancap Barber Shop! In this episode we are joined by author, film maker and paranormal investigator, Remso Martinez. You DON’T want to miss this one folks.

First off you’ve got to buy this dude’s book, and just for the Ancap Barber Shop listeners, Remso is taking seven dollars off a signed copy! It’s an entertaining read and comes highly recommended by me, and the cover design is a legitimate stroke of brilliance. Check out the link below to use the discount.


If you’d like to get the Kindle or paperback version, you can get it from Amazon here:

We talk about the goings on of his formerly attended Nascar club, how far some left wing folks are gone from libertarian ideals, the Gun Owners of America, for which Remso is the cohost of their podcast: Firing Back, our taste in gamecube and gameboy color games, his film projects, his work as a paranormal investigator… shit what else? Oh yeah multiverse theory, UFOs and I get to talk about the time I saw a ghost or something.

Fuckin shit this podcast was good.

Remso’s podcast, The Remso Republic, can be found here:


and his writing can be found here:

View at Medium.com

Seriously, you should check Remso’s work out, he’s a super interesting fella, and a lot of fun for me to talk to.

Here’s a preview for his current paranormal investigation project, The Witching Hour:

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this episode as much as we did, look forward to the next edition of The Ancap Barber Shop! We’ve got the first episode recorded in the new studio up next! Worms!