Tonight we have guest panelist Dave Hester and we are talking about Rothbardian natural rights, mind mapping, assisted death, and suicide.

Rothbard is one of Scott’s biggest political influence. Rothbard’s natural right theory is a fascinating topic that we discuss in this episode. Nature doesn’t give a fuck about your property rights. Is Scott abandoning anarcho-capitalism? We dig into the deontology vs. consequentialism debate.

Which is bigger, Facebook or Reddit?

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Next, we talk about how to mind map your life on paper to train your brain. Scott digs into his mind map to give an example of how to do this.

On a tangent, what podcast would Scott listen to while having sex? Find out on this episode!

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What is ethical and not ethical in assisted death? Adam breaks this down for us, from suicide, euthanasia, and abortion. Adam talks about Britney Maynard, who killed herself through euthanasia and was very public about her process. Do we really own ourselves and our bodies?

Voluntary euthanasia vs. non-voluntary euthanasia is an important distinction that Adam talks about. The case of Terry Schiavo is a good example of this topic and is discussed. Dave Hester wants to be left on life-support forever and be turned into a robot one day.

Abortion is a tough subject for everyone. In some places, it is illegal to abort when the reason is birth abnormalities or defects. The hosts all give their opinion of whether or not abortion should be illegal. Dave starts mansplaining about why the father should have some rights to decide on an abortion as well.

If you bring a child with severe abnormalities into the world, are you as a parent responsible for the child’s future suffering?

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