We discuss seasteading and determinism this week. And, how to do drugs with Scott and Adam starting with cocaine.

Adam is having car trouble and Scott and his daughter have been sick. What a week!

John McAfee said that if Bitcoin doesn’t hit $300,000 in the next three years that he’ll eat his dick on live television. We’d love to see that.

Your new favorite Ancap Barber Shop segment, How to Do Drugs With Scott and Adam!

We start with cocaine this week.

Cocaine is bad for your heart and can cause strokes. It is also very addictive as well. Please use cocaine responsibly if you’re going to use it.

Make sure to check out the Harm Reduction Coalition for more information.

What is seasteading and why is it important? “Seasteading is the concept of creating permanent dwellings at sea, called seasteads, outside the territory claimed by any government.”

We talk about a couple of articles from Steemit. The first is “The value of creating micro-nations on the oceans – a simple case for Seasteading.”

The other article from Steemit is “Why All Seasteads will be Anarcho-Capitalist.”

Will all seasteads be anarcho-capitalist?

We also talk about the Marinea Project. They have a podcast out talking about the project.

Make sure to check out The LAVA Flow!

Tanner from episode 19, Net Neutrality and AI, joins us to talk about determinism. Determinism is the belief that all events that happen, either in our brain or they happen to us, are caused by past events so that nothing other than what occurred could have occurred. Using this argument this means we have no control or free will.

What is the difference between determinism and fatalism? How do you view evil people if everything they do is pre-determined?