Hey Y’all, In this one we’re talking about people that believe in horoscopes, Jeffrey Epstein, Democratic debates, a few Joe Biden slip-ups, and Chuck Berry. Listen, this one is really good and if nothing else skip to the end and check out the Chuck Berry stuff, you won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah, we review a candy bar too. I forget what it’s called but it’s like a bougie version of a Twix and you should check it out. Listen to the podcast.

Adam starts off ripping into people that believe in horoscopes and I’d like to say something along the lines of “Adam is really mean for giving these people such a hard time.” but honestly I’m with him, horoscopes are real nutty and so are the people that believe in them.

We just recorded a sick Patreon cast about the “Men in Black” which had something to do with aliens and the blues brothers. You should check it out at patreon.com/ancapbarbershop.

Some real low energy tricksters have been leaving voicemails saying that Adam’s impressions are better than mine and I’m less than impressed that these keyboard warrior beta-cuck losers are doing so anonymously. I doubt they even listen to the show and they’re lucky I even played that shit here. If you’d like to defend my honor leave a voicemail at 256-607-3197.

I’m watching “The Meg” while I’m typing this and I gotta say that I really like Jason Statham. I know that’s probably not a boiling hot take but I just saw “Snatch” and “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” and they’re both really good. IDK man Jason Statham just seems like a really capable guy and he has a cool accent and whatnot. I’m usually not behind on good ass movies but I missed those two. Is “Crank” good? I haven’t seen that one.

Do you guys think Jeff Ep was into human sacrifices and shit? It seems like if you’re running child prostitution rings for world leaders and shit you might be into other weird shit. Who fuckin knows.

Goddamn Adam is annoying when he tries to do voices. Honestly, you can just skip past the Jeffrey Epstein shit Adam ruined it.

I guess the tattooed greasy-haired chick in “The Meg” is pretty hot.

Monarchies are fucking stupid and gay as fuck.

Back to the big shark movie, the handsome middle eastern looking actor looks really familiar to me but I can’t figure it out. He seems good but Jason Statham is my favorite guy so far. Damn, he is literally in the water with the fuckin shark. Nothing but a snorkel and a spear gun.

Ok, Adam’s explaining how snapchat works.

Oh yeah, it’s a Hershey’s something something cookie crunch. It’s a nice treat.

Damn “There’s always a bigger fish” lol.

Man Joe Biden is fuckin crackin me up. I think there have been more clips like these that have come out since this recording as well. Joe’s killing it.

Damn me and Adam watch the Chuck Berry sex tape and he farts in the middle of pissing in a hooker’s mouth. What else can I say?

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