In this one we’re discussing Kermit the frog being responsible for 9/11, cancel culture, the meaning of “LGBTQ”, and the ATF’s siege on Ruby Ridge. Strap in and get ready for the Ancap Barber Shop!

I fucked up and said “gay” really early in the episode so hopefully, we don’t cancelled.

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Oh yeah apparently at least according to Adam Kermit had something to do with 9/11. In one of the movies that took place post 9/11 there was a part showing what the world would be like had Kermit not existed. Lo and behold as they show the skyline of New York City (or as Adam likes to call it “Jew York City”) the twin towers can be seen proudly standing and not 9/11’d.

Goddamn, what are we doing here folks?

Is it a butterfly effect or did Kermit play a direct role in the attack on the world trade center?

Adam seems to think Kermit may have trained the terrorists himself or taught them to fly the plane.

Adam reveals his source to be Reddit. You should never give up your sources coward.

Adam has been really impressing me with his research abilities. He’s been bringing the heat as far as content goes.

BTW Squee died so RIP brother. Once Again there is talk of Dave’s return to the cast. Return of the motherfucking king baby!

Oh yeah fuck Christopher Tidus, more on that next episode.

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Adam talks about the ATF in depth. Specifically the siege on Ruby Ridge.

Randy Weaver was in some type of white nationalist group where he was approached by an unbeknownst to him undercover ATF agent. I think his name was Kevin Faderly and he was posing as a biker named Gus. He told Randy he was an illegal firearms dealer. Sometime down the road Faderly asked Randy to sell him two shotguns. He requested that Randy cut the barrels to an arbitrary but illegal length, undoubtedly entrapping him. Randy being a dumb hillbilly obliged him, breaking the stupid law. Later on, Randy was approached by ATF agents claiming they had evidence that he had sold illegal firearms. They offer to cut him a break if he becomes an informant and help them infiltrate the Aryan Nation. Randy refuses like a boss and is immediately arrested. He received a letter with an inaccurate court date, causing him to miss the court date. He decides to shut himself in his home.

The official conflict starts with federal agents invading his property. A year into the “kerfuffle” some of the agents who had been ordered to survey the property got a bit too close and heard the Weaver’s dogs barking. It’s not clear what happened next but there was a shoot out resulting in the death of one of the dogs, a U.S. marshal and Randy’s 14-year-old son, Sammy. A day later a sniper is posed near to the house meaning to end the conflict by killing Randy. The sniper shot and hit Randy in the shoulder. He takes a second shot, missing again, and striking Randy’s wife in the head killing her instantly while she held her 10-month-old daughter.

400 agents surrounded the house mocking the Weavers, calling the house “Fort Vickie” after Randy’s murdered wife.

It’s important to remember that while Randy Weaver may not have been a model citizen, all of this was over 2 sawed-off shotguns. Not a warehouse full of illegal guns or meth. Not over hate crimes that Randy committed. 2 hunting guns.

Wow, that got heavy. Also Randy didn’t go to prison. He was awarded a hefty sum of money for his troubles by the state.

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