Hey Everyone, in this episode we talk comedian Shane Gillis being fired from SNL and the ATF’s involvement in the Siege at Waco, TX. This episode begins now!

What up! Sorry, it’s been a minute, etc. so on and so forth.

We start out talking about comedian and podcaster Shane Gillis being fired from Saturday Night Live for being a bad bad boy. SNL hired Shane along with two other folks and he was pretty much fired immediately after professional coward and tattle-tale Seth Simons wrote an article about OG big dawg Gillis using a racial slur to reference Chinese-Americans while impersonating an early American immigration worker sending the Asians to China town. He was doing a character in the context of a comedy podcast and was in no way doing anything genuinely racist.

He said a no-no word in an off the cuff joke. I’m more annoyed at Simons (bird poet) than anything, but I really don’t understand why these studios pander to adult-aged children. Remember Chapelle’s show? Come on folks chill the fuck out.

OH wait you know who annoys me more than ultra woke diaper-wearing Seth Simons? Christopher Tidus. He came out hard against king bull Shane Gillis calling him a “Bro douche weak as fuck mama’s boy” for no apparent reason other than to draw attention to himself. He made fun of Asian accents in a past tweet tho, making him a hypocrite and a prick. So yeah fuck him.

So, to sum up, I almost had a reason to tune in to Saturday Night Live, being a fan of Gillis for some time, but no fucking point now.

The rest of the segment involves laughing at Shane’s jokes as referenced in Seth’s article.

Alright onto the ATF stuff, last time we talked about Ruby Ridge, this time we’re covering the Waco shit.

The Branch Davidian was a religious cult controlled by a dude named David Koresh, who wasn’t a particularly good dude.

I’m not an expert but I think he liked to slay sniz young and old. I shouldn’t make light of allegedly sexually abusing children, and it’s important to note that the cult may have condoned behavior that really isn’t cool. The ATF got involved because the Branch Davidian was buying firearms in bulk at gun shows, bypassing firearm sales tax. Apparently the ATF showed up at the compound and shot a guy in the eyes, heart, and back. According to the Davidians, an ATF agent misfired their weapon and sparked the ensuing battle, according to the ATF they were fired upon first by the Davidians, so who knows. After a while, the FBI came in and took over. It’s interesting to note that one of the folks in authority from the FBI, Richie Rogers, was reprimanded for his involvement in the previously discussed by us, the siege of Ruby Ridge.

The FBI would broadcast via loudspeaker various unnerving sounds including the sounds of rabbits being slaughtered to keep the Davidians from falling asleep.

I just realized I confused UB40 and Elvis. Whoops, that’s pretty stupid.

According to one of the survivors David Koresh was indeed a sexual predator, and was described by her father as “A man of purely evil intent”. So that’s worth taking into account.

Adam points out that the members of the cult distinct of Koresh, while complicit in some really fucked up stuff to one degree or another, were largely victims of abuse.

During the month of April 1993, Bill Clinton gave the order to attack the compound. The FBI allegedly shot flammable tear gas canisters into the compound which started a huge fire that killed everybody still inside.

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