On this episode, Trump Supporter Beaten and Punk Rock Anarcho-Capitalism, Scott and Adam talk about the attack on the Trump supporter in Chicago, MTV’s video “New Years Resolutions for White Guys,” and a pre-school teacher who uses punk rock to teach anarcho-capitalism.


Trump Supporter Beaten and Punk Rock Anarcho-CapitalismTrump Supporter Beaten and Punk Rock Anarcho-Capitalism

Scott and Adam are recording in a new studio, a converted walk-in closet. You can check out the Ancap Barber Instagram page at ancapbarbershop.com/instagram to see a video of the new studio in action! You can’t miss the artwork we have up in the studio.

We jump right into the fray talking about the attack in Chicago on the by the three black men on a white Trump supporter. This guy was beaten, burned, scalped and treated like a dog for his politics. Was this a racist attack? Should it be classified as a hate crime? South Park has something to say about this.

Scott is still not drinking and is still losing weight. He’s lost about 40 pounds right now.

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MTV released a video called “New Years Resolutions for White Guys.” It was so unpopular that they ended up pulling it down. I guess they don’t know that the internet is forever! Scott and Adam play the video and comment on just how stupid the thing really is.

The MTV video talks about mansplaining, so we define and discuss what mansplaining really is, by mansplaining.

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Scott was supposed to be on Freedom Feens Saturday but his computer apparently sucks ass and it didn’t end up happening.

A pre-school teacher in Oklahoma City is using punk rock music to teach his anarcho-capitalist ideals to four-year-olds. He blends his anarcho-capitalism with pre-k subject matter and a blend of educational pop-punk music to teach about the government, capitalism, the environment, trading (not sharing), and just about every other higher-level topic that you’d never think a kid could grasp.