Scott and Adam talk about why the Ancap Barber hates Christmas, libertarian charity, the Green Party, voter ID laws and nihilism.

What’s the Scotch of the week and directions on how to make the Ancap Barber Martini. Also, an update on the Ancap Barber’s diet.

What would charity look like in a libertarian society? Since taxes are theft, how could charity even work with them?

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Scott is actually an Ancap Barber and his barber shop is his front porch. He’s had a lot of other jobs too, and most of them suck.

The left is waging wars on Voter ID laws in many states right now. Scott actually knows someone who doesn’t have an ID at all. Do voter ID laws harm the poor and minorities more and disenfranchise them?

The Green Party is anti-war, big into ecological preservation, and they are good on social issues. But they suck on economics. Jill Stein was the best presidential candidate on foreign policy in 2016.

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Nihilism is a philosophical doctrine that suggests the lack of belief in the meaning of life. The Ancap Barber considers himself a nihilist and discusses why. Are we living in the Matrix? Are nihilism and atheism connected in some way?

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