Hey everybody, it’s time for the Ancap Barber Shop! On this episode we’re talking about the death of John McCain and the naming of the new Madison, AL Baseball team. We’ve packed a lot into this episode and we’ve got a new theme song! Make SURE you don’t miss this one!

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Ancap Barber Boi News

If you haven’t heard, the fuckhead senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has died. You can probably tell we’re real butthurt about the passing of this great American “hero”. All joking and shit stirring aside, our thoughts are with the family, as well with the families of the 4,497 American soldiers who have died since the initial invasion of Iraq. Not to mention the hefty civilian toll as well as Afghanistan, Syria, ETC…

We begin by discussing McCain’s life. We read from his Wikipedia entry and recount the major events that took place on his journey from his adolescence clear through to his death. You can follow along here.

We brought up two other articles but didn’t have time to read them. You can check out Caitlin Johnstone’s scathing commentary here and the Tom Woods article regarding the establishment reaction here.

We tie up the big dick segment by playing the trailer for the newest addition to the Pax Libertas family, “The Big L with Caryn Ann Harlos”. You can get more info at http://biglpodcast.com/.

What the fuck is the internet!?

Adam and I argue about what we want to do with the new intro music. He likes to keep it simple with the live monologue and I want to stuff if full of stupid clips and sound bytes from the show, but he seems to think that would be hacky or some shit. I think Adam is really out of touch. If you’d like to get your voice heard leave us a voicemail at 256-607-3197.

We listen to a few interesting voicemails, 2 of them being in foreign languages. Let me be clear, we only speak god damn American at the Ancap Barber Shop so if the caller or someone that speaks Japanese or Italian could hook us up with a translation, that would be awesome sauce.

We’ve got big plans for a few miniseries that will be released alongside the regular Patreon episodes. We’re working on a three part series reviewing the currently airing third season of “Attack on Titan” (Weeb shit) as well as planning on three episodes talking about the Bioshock (gamer shit) series. Sign up for our Patreon at the five dollar tier or higher and watch out for these.

Big Dick Ancap Shit

We discuss the naming of the new Madison, AL baseball team “the trash pandas” and proceed to wrap it up by playing a few questionable responses to the new Eminem album, which is comprised mostly of “diss” tracks, I think. I’m not the expert here so you’ll have to ask our resident “hip hop head” and cohost Adam. You can hit him up at adam@ancapbarbershop.com.

I fell like we’re heading in a good direction, and that we really hit it out of the park on this one. We sure hope you enjoy it and if you’d like to shoot us a line you can do so at feedback@ancapbarbershop.com, worms!