Alfie Evans has been murdered by the state, and this one hit me really hard. What’s in the news with stories on more government murder, Bill Weld, busybodies, cops quitting at record levels, and cop corruption. Finally, an And Yet another Bad Cop segment on even more government murder. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also brought to you by NordVPN, the fastest, easiest to use service to protect your online presence that I’ve ever seen.



I have been absolutely gut-punched by this latest murder by the British government, so much so that I almost didn’t talk about this on my show, but I felt I had to do it. I don’t know if I was gut-punched because the pictures of this little, beautiful boy reminded me of my son at that age, or if it was the fact that the British government has now been allowed to get away with this twice recently, or what, but this has been really tough on me.

I’m talking about, of course, the latest case of a small child, Alfie Evans, less than two years old, being forced to die in a British hospital by the rulers of the country.



In more government is murder news, at least 33 people were killed and 41 wounded after coalition airstrikes, led by Saudi Arabia, hit a wedding party in northwest Yemen.

In riding my coattails news, after my report on Bill Weld last week, Reason Magazine chimes in with their own article titled, “Bill Weld Lays Groundwork for 2020 Libertarian Presidential Run.”

In busy body news, a woman called the police to complain about a man’s pro-gun t-shirt.

In good riddance to bad apples news, in England, police officers are quitting their jobs at one of the highest rates since records began. 

In the rulers getting richer news, a former New York City cop spilled his guts, telling Manhattan jurors about years worth of bribes he and his fellow officers received for doling out gun permits — everything from cash, prostitutes and expensive watches to baseball memorabilia and exotic vacations.




I try to save this segment of my show for the worst of the worst cases of police actions, and this episode is no different. 

In May of last year, two West Milwaukee police officers broke down the door to Adam Trammell’s home, confronted him as he stood naked in his shower, and tasered him 18 times until he died. This month, Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm has decided that the two cops responsible for this horrifying incident will not be charged.