A cowardly cop really has my jimmies rustled this week, and my blood is boiling. What’s in the News with stories on crypto deregulation, taxation is theft, porn is a health risk but apparently, alcohol for fetuses is not, and homelessness is not a crime! And, another Ask Me Anything where I get caught up on your questions.



There are stories that piss me off, then there are stories that rustle my jimmies, and then… there are stories like this one that makes my blood boil and my head explode.

As you all know, there was another school shooting recently in Florida that resulted in the death of 17 people. The fucker who did this was captured and is facing justice, as he should. Because he selected a gun-free zone to perpetuate his mass-murder, he had pretty much free reign to commit his crime.

But, new information has come out that shows that there was another gun on the campus at the time of this event, a gun supposedly in the hands of a good guy; a gun that could have nipped this event in the bud, similar to what happened in the Pearl, Mississippi school shooting back in 1997. In that case, the school vice-principle went to his truck and retrieved his .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and held the shooter at gunpoint until the police arrived.



In crypto is not theft news, a new tax bill has been introduced in the Wyoming state senate on Feb. 16 that would exempt virtual currencies from state property taxation and suggests an effective date be provided for the tax exemption implementation.

In taxation is theft news, Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates says he should pay more in taxes and that the government should require other superwealthy people like him to contribute “significantly higher” amounts.

In protecting you from yourself news, the Florida Legislature is declaring pornography as a health risk. The resolution states a need for education, research and policy changes to protect Floridians, especially teenagers, from pornography.

In more government force news, In New York City, it is now illegal for a bartender to refuse alcoholic drinks to pregnant women. 

In homelessness is not a crime news, enforcement of new regulations targeting homeless people who live in their vehicles have started in Los Angeles. The new rules dictate where people living in RVs and cars can park.



And here we go with another Ask me Anything! I’m trying to get through the backlog of questions I’ve had for a few weeks, so let’s jump right in!