The national Libertarian Party has screwed up yet again, tweeting nonsense about the Federal Reserve. Why should we End the Fed? What’s in the News with stories on trick or treating is a crime, Florida man faces prison for making grills, do it for the children in California, Afghanistan War less and less popular, inflation in Venezuela, and cops home invasion. And, a Statists Gonna State segment on Facebook censoring information by purging 800 accounts and pages. This episode is brought to you by ZenCash, now known as Horizen, a cryptocurrency that infuses privacy, anonymity, and security done right. Also, brought to you by Free Talk Live, providing you with fresh, pro-liberty content 7 days a week on more than 180 radio stations across the country. 



The national Libertarian Party has screwed up yet again with a tweet. On October 12th, someone using that account tweeted the following: Libertarians have differing thoughts on whether we should have a Fed, but it is NOT wide for the Fed to become a political football. #Trump/Congress should NOT control it. They can question it and have opinions. But the Fed, if it exists, should be independent from their control.”

Wait a minute… IF it exists? What the actual f***? Why does some non-libertarian moron have access to the LP National twitter?



In trick, not treating news, in Virginia, kids over 12 can be jailed for trick-or-treating.

In Florida man news, a Florida Man Faces Prison for Making Grills Without a License.

In do it for the children news, California state lawmakers recently passed a bill forcing restaurants to offer specific beverages to children. Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation, which passed easily in both the Senate and Assembly, at the end of September.

In war, what is it good for news, with the war in Afghanistan now overtaking the Vietnam War as the longest conflict in America’s history, a new YouGov survey reveals that the majority of Americans would support drawing US involvement to a close and bringing the troops back home.

In socialism news, inflation in Venezuela is projected to reach 10,000,000% next year, as the economy collapses and the government grows increasingly authoritarian.

In bad boys news, two Detroit Police officers are facing home invasion charges after they allegedly stormed into a man’s home without a warrant and hauled him off to jail.



This will be a bit of a different take on Statists Gonna State because, while it is talking about a statist organization, it is not a government organization. I am, of course, talking about Facebook and their purge of 800 pages and accounts.