Is there a major difference in free market and socialized health care? Why should we care? Also, What’s in the News with stories on hate speech bans, helping homeless people bans, federal cannabis bans, and feds selling Bitcoin. And, an Ask Me Anything segment with several questions from you guys, my awesome listeners! This episode is brought to you by Heleum, a long-term savings accelerator allowing you to start investing in cryptos, without you having to do the busy work. Also brought to you by NordVPN, the fastest, easiest to use service to protect your online presence that I’ve ever seen.


On my list of potential episode topics, I’ve had free market healthcare vs. socialist healthcare for a long time, but have just never had a good chance to get to it yet. Well, with the recent news that Britain has canceled 50,000 surgeries due to overcrowding at hospitals this winter, I felt like now was a great time for the discussion.


In more new laws in 2018 news, no friend to liberty Germany on January 1st began enforcing strict rules that could fine major internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube up to $60 million if they don’t remove posts containing hate speech within 24 hours of receiving a complaint. 

In government insanity news, a suburban Chicago resident who was offering up “slumber parties” in his basement for homeless people in his neighborhood during dangerously cold weather says city officials have given him an ultimatum, either stop the “slumber parties” or the house will be condemned.

In cannabis makes people crazy news, after the largest state in the country just started allowing legal, recreational cannabis, Attorney General Jess “FuckStick” Sessions has rescinded an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, creating new confusion about enforcement and use.

In government theft news, the US government has been approved by a federal judge in Utah to auction off 513 bitcoin and 512 Bitcoin Cash seized from an investigation into Aaron Michael Shamo, a dark web drug dealer.


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